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VOLUME 87 1980

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Abel, Ernest L. Fetal alcohol syndrome: Behavioral teratology.. .

Henry E., Feuerstein, Michael, and Fowler, Joanne L. parameters, etiology, and intervention. . ree

Appelbaum, Mark I. See Cramer, Elliot M.

Barnard, G. A. Note on an especially simple partitioning of chi-square from questionnaires Bejar, Isaac I. Biased assessment of program impact due to psychometric artifacts

review. Breen, Lawrence J. See Keselman, i. J. Bromley, Stephanie. See Crosby, F aye.

Catalano, Ralph. See Docley, David.

Cattin, Philippe. Note on the estimation of the squared cross-validated multiple correlation of a regression model. .

Cooper, Harris M., Robert. "Statistical versus sum- marizing research findings...

Costello, Charles G. Childhood ‘Three hake but in Lefkowitz and Burton critique. .

Cramer, Elliot M., and Appelbaum, Mark L Nonorthogonal analysis of variance—Once again. . Crook, Thomas, and Eliot, John. Parental death during childhood and adult depression: A

critical review of the literature. . white discrimination and prejudice: A literature review..

Dooley, David, and Catalano, Ralph. Economic change as a cause of behavioral disorder. ..... .

Edgell, Stephen E. See Himmelfarb, Samuel. Eliot, John. See Crook, Thomas.

Farr, James L. See Landy, Frank J.

Feuerstein, Michael. See Adams, Henry FE. Fowler, Joanne L. See Adams, Henry E.

priority. .

Gaito, John. Measurement scales and statistics: Resurgence of an old misconception Gormezano, I. See Kehoe, E. James.

Harrell, Jules P. Psychological factors and hypertension: A status report. . Himmelfarb, Samuel, and Edgell, Stephen E. Additive constants model: A randomized reponse

technique for eliminating evasiveness to quantitative response questions. .

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ry As ¢ q : 442 185 51 252 546 EEE 136 482 525 iii


Hobbs, Steven A., Moguin, Lea E., Tyroler, Merle, and Lahey, Benjamin B. er behavior

therapy with children: Has clinical utility been demonstrated?. . 147 Holland, Terrill R., Levi, Mario, and Watson, Charles G. Canonical correlation i in 1 the analysis

Hubert, Lawrence J. See Prawn. Terry. Hubert, Lawrence J., and Levin, Joel R. Measuring clustering in free recall.................. 59

Jamieson, Karen J. See Braucht, G. Nicholas.

Jones, Molly Modra‘). Conversion reaction: Anachronism or eT form? A review of the neurologic, behavioral, and psychoanalytic literature.

Kamin, Leon J. Inbreeding depression and IQ. . 469

Kehoe, E. James, and Gormezano, I. Configuration and combination laws j in n conditioning with compound stimuli. . 351

Keselman, H. J., Rogan, Joanne Mendoza, Jorge ‘and Breen, L Lawrence J, ‘Testing the validity conditions of repeated measures F tests. , 479

Kilmann, Peter R. See Scovern, Albert W.

Kraemer, Helena Chmura. Estimation and winted of bivariate association using data ee

Lahey, Benjamin B. See Hobbs, Steven A.

Landy, Frank J., and Farr, James L. Performance rating. . PPP frases Sree 72 Lefkowitz, Monroe M. Childhood depression: A reply to Costello... 191 Levi, Mario. See Holland, Terrill R.

Levin, Joel R. See Hubert, Lawrence J.

Loya, Fred. See Braucht, G. Nicholas.

Marler, Matthew R. Likelihood ratio tests of hypotheses: Comments on Pitz’s article and some

alternative procedures....... 568 Maruyama, Geoffrey, and McGarv ey, Bill. ‘Evaluating causal models: An application of maxi-

mum-likelihood analysis of structural equations. . 502 McCauley, Clark, Stitt, Christopher L., and Segal, Many. Sheteotyping: From to pre-

McGarvey, Bill. ‘See Maruyama, Geoffrey. Mendoza, Jorge L. See Keselman, H. J.

Meyerowitz, Beth E. Psychosocial correlates of breast cancer and its treatments. 108 Milligan, Glenn W. Factors that affect eats I and gh: II error rates in the e analysis o of multi- dimensional contingency tables.......... 238

Moguin, Lea E. See Hobbs, Steven .

Naylor, Hilary. Reading disability and lateral asymmetry: An information-processing analysis.. 531

Overall, E. Power of tests for 2 X 2 tables with small fre-

Pearlman, Kenneth. Job families: A review and discussion of their implications for personnel

Pitz, Gordon F. Bayesian analysis of random response models. . Pitz, Gordon F. Using likelihood ratios to test imprecise hypotheses. .

Rabkin, Judith Godwin. Stressful life events and schizophrenia: A review of the research litera-

ture.. : 408 Rezmovic, Eva Lantos, “and Rezmovic, Victor. Empirical validation of psychological constructs:

Rezmovic, Victor. See Rezmovic, Eva Lantos. Rogan, Joanne C. See Keselman, H. J. Rosenthal, Robert. See Cooper, Harris M.

Rosnow, Ralph L. Psychology of rumor reconsidered. . oe. 578 Rubin, Jeffrey Z. Experimental research on third party i intervention in n conflict: Toward s some generalizations. ..... 379

Rucci, Anthony J., and Tweney, ‘Ryan D. Analysis of variance and the “second discipline” of

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Saxe, Leonard. See Crosby, Faye.

Scovern, Albert W., and Kilmann, Peter R. Status of electroconvulsive ae Review of the

outcome literature.

Segal, Mary. See McCauley, Clark. Smith, Mary Lee. Sex bias in counseling and psychotherapy. .

Steiger, James H. Tests for comparing elements of a correlation matrix. . Stitt, Christopher L. See McCauley, Clark.

Tweney, Ryan D. See Rucci, Anthony J. Tyroler, Merle. See Hobbs, Steven, A.

Watson, Charles G. See Holland, Terrill R.

Other Aspirations of the Future Editor: An Editorial. .

Correction to Games. Editorial Consultants for This Issue. .

New Section in Psychological Bulletin: Quantitative Methods i in

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Gene V Glass, Associate Editor University of Colorado

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Author Index to Volume 88

Articles Anisman, Hymie. See Kokkinidis, Larry.

Baltes, Paul B. See Nesselroade, John R.

Bentler, P. M., and Bonett, Douglas G. Significance tests and goodness of fit in the analysis of

Berman, Jeffrey S. See Kenny, David A.

Berman, Phyllis W. Are women more responsive than men to the young? A review of develop-

Blasi, Augusto. Bridging moral cognition and moral action: A critical review of the literature... . 1

Bobko, Philip, and Schemmer, F. Mark. Note on standardized regression estimators

Bohrer, Robert E. See Porges, Stephen W.

Bonett, Douglas G. See Bentler, P. M.

Brief, Arthur P. Peer assessment revisited: A brief comment on Kane and Lawler............ 78

Brockett, Patrick. See Lewis, Marc S.

Buchsbaum, Monte S. See Zuckerman, Marvin.

Bukstel, Lee H., and Kilmann, Peter R. Psychological effects of imprisonment on confined

Busemeyer, Jerome R. Importance of measurement theory, error theory, and experimental design

Byatt, Susan E. See Vatza, Edward J.

Chan, David W. See Jackson, Douglas N.

Cheung, Michael N. See Porges, Stephen W.

Church, James D. See Wike, Edward L.

Cleary, Paul D. See Leventhal, Howard.

Cohen, Sheldon. Aftereffects of stress on human performance and social behavior: A review of

Conger, Anthony J. Integration and generalization of kappas for multiple raters.............. 322

Downey, Ronald G. See Saal, Frank E. Drasgow, Fritz. See Porges, Stephen W.

Felsten, Gary, and Wasserman, Gerald S. Visual masking: Mechanisms and theories.......... 329

a Games, Paul A. See Keselman, H. J. i Guilford, J. P. Fluid and crystallized intelligences: Two fanciful concepts.................... 406 aa Hedges, Larry V., and Olkin, Ingram. Vote-counting methods in research synthesis............ 359 Hsu, Louis M. Tests of differences in p levels as tests of differences in effect sizes............. 705

Huitema, Bradley E. See Stoline, Michael R.

Jackson, Douglas N., and Chan, David W. Maximum-likelihood estimation in common factor

Jay, Timothy B. Sex roles and dirty word usage: A review of the literature and a reply to Haas.. 614

Jurkovic, Gregory J. The juvenile delinquent as a moral philosopher: A structural-developmental

Kabanoff, Boris. Work and nonwork: A review of models, methods, and findings.............. 60 Kane, Jeffrey S., and Lawler, Edward E., III. In defense of peer assessment: A rebuttal to Brief’s Kaner, H. Cem, Mohanty, S. G., and Lyons, J. C. Critical values of the Kolmogorov-Smirnov

Kay, Edwin J. See Vatza, Edward J.

Kaye, Kenneth. Estimating false alarms and missed events from interobserver agreement: A

Kendall, Philip C. See Urbain, Eugene S. Kenny, David A., and Berman, Jeffrey S. Statistical approaches to the correction of correlational

8 ae | # q H j 4


Kerchner, Michael. See Vatza, Edward J.

Keren, Gideon. See Porges, Stephen W.

Keselman, H. J., Games, Paul A., and Rogan, Joanne C. Type I and Type II errors in simultaneous and two-stage multiple comparison procedures

Kilmann, Peter R. See Bukstel, Lee H.

King, Neville J., and Montgomery, Robert B. Biofeedback-induced control of human peripheral temperature: A critical review of the literature

Knight, Robert G., and Wooles, Ione M. Experimental investigation of chronic organic amnesia:

Kokkinidis, Larry, and Anisman, Hymie. Amphetamine models of paranoid schizophrenia: An overview and elaboration of animal experimentation

Labouvie, Erich W. Measurement of individual differences in intraindividual changes

Lahey, Mary Anne. See Saal, Frank E.

Lancioni, Giulio E. Infant operant conditioning and its implications for early intervention

Lawler, Edward E., III. See Kane, Jeffrey S.

Leventhal, Howard, and Cleary, Paul D. The smoking problem: A review of the research and theory in behavioral risk modification

Lewis, Marc S., and Brockett, Patrick. Spatial relationships among epidemiological and com- munity populations

Lindsay, R. C. L. See Wells, Gary L.

Long, Gerald M. Iconic memory: A review and critique of the study of short-term visual storage

Lyons, J. C. See Kaner, H. Cem.

McCabe, Philip M. See Porges, Stephen W.

Mitchell, Brian T. See Stoline, Michael R.

Mohanty, S. G. See Kaner, H. Cem.

Montgomery, Robert B. See King, Neville J.

Murphy, Dennis L. See Zuckerman, Marvin.

Myers, Arlo K. Quantitative indices of perceptual constancy

Nesselroade, John R., Stigler, Stephen M., and Baltes, Paul B. Regression toward the mean and the study of change

Olkin, Ingram. See Hedges, Larry V.

Porges, Stephen W., Bohrer, Robert E., Cheung, Michael N., Drasgow, Fritz, McCabe, Philip M., and Keren, Gideon. New time-series statistic for detecting rhythmic co-occurrence in the fre- quency domain: The weighted coherence and its application to psychophysiological research

Richter, Martin L. See Vatza, Edward J.

Rogan, Joanne C. See Keselman, H. J.

Rogosa, David. Comparing nonparallel regression lines

Rogosa, David. A critique of cross-lagged correlation

Rosenthal, Robert. On telling tails when combining results of independent studies

Ryan, T. A. Comment on “Protecting the overall rate of Type I errors for pairwise comparisons with an omnibus test statistic”

Saal, Frank E., Downey, Ronald G., and Lahey, Mary Anne. Rating the ratings: Assessing the psychometric quality of rating data

Schemmer, F. Mark. See Bobko, Philip.

Seay, Mary B. See Vatza, Edward J.

Sherwood, John J. See Woodman, Richard W.

Steiger, James H. Comparison of two methods for testing linear hypotheses in tables of proportions

Stevens, James P. Power of the multivariate analysis of variance tests

Stigler, Stephen M. See Nesselroade, John R.

Stoline, Michael R., Huitema, Bradley E., and Mitchell, Brian T. Intervention time-series model with different pre- and postintervention first-order autoregressive parameters

Suler, John R. Primary process thinking and creativity

Sutcliffe, J. P. On the relationship of reliability to statistical power

Tramontana, Michael G. Critical review of research on psychotherapy outcome with adolescents: 1967-1977

Uphouse, Lynda. Reevaluation of mechanisms that mediate brain differences between enriched and impoverished animals

356 738 | 54 516 370 1 296 785 451 580 307 245 496 354 413 772 728 144


Urbain, Eugene S., and Kendall, Philip C. Review of social-cognitive problem-solving interven- . tions with children

Vatza, Edward J., Byatt, Susan E., Kay, Edwin J., Kerchner, Michael, Richter, Martin L., and Seay, Mary B. Comment on “Combining results of independent studies”

Wallace, William P. On the use of distractors for testing recognition memory

Warren, David H. See Welch, Robert B.

Wasserman, Gerald S. See Felsten, Gary.

Welch, Robert B., and Warren, David H. Immediate perceptual response to intersensory dis- crepancy

Wells, Gary L., and Lindsay, R. C. L. On estimating the diagnosticity of eyewitness nonidentifica-

Wike, Edward L., and Church, James D. Monte Carlo studies of Levy’s “Nonparametric large- sample pairwise comparisons”.

Woodman, Richard W., and Sherwood, John J. The role of team development in organizational effectiveness: A critical review

Wooles, Ione M. See Knight, Robert G.

Zuckerman, Marvin, Buchsbaum, Monte S., and Murphy, Dennis L. Sensation seeking and its biological correlates

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